Fábrica de paños Navas - Munilla

Located in the valley of Alto Cidacos, next to the River Manzanares, 20 kilometres from Arnedo and 70 from Logroño. It is accessed by taking the LR-484 after Arnedillo.

This village has a marvellous past thanks to its famous cloth, chocolate and shoe industries, which made Munilla one of the most prosperous municipalities of La Rioja. The decline of its factories, which as a result were moved to Arnedo, Calahorra and Logroño, made Munilla lose over 90 per cent of its population, a drastic change from the 2,300 inhabitants it reached in 1900. Munilla is currently a peaceful village in a restored and well looked after municipality.

Technical Data: 

Munilla: 122 population
Peroblasco: 23 population
La santa: -
San Vicente de Munilla: -
La Monjía: -
Ribalmaguillo: -