The GR-93 route in the Reserve

The GR-93 route in the Reserve

The GR-93 is a route crossing the whole Riojan sierra from Ezcaray to Cornago. Within the Reserve there are 4 stages, extended to Valverde with an additional leg, a district of Cervera del Río Alhama.

The stages of the GR path which fall within the Reserve are:

1st Stage: Laguna de Cameros-San Román de Cameros. Distance 6.5 Km. and time 1 h. 47 min. Route through the bridle paths linking Munilla and Enciso, villages in the Cidacos Valley.

2nd Stage: San Román de Cameros-Munilla: Distance 20 Km., time 5h. 33 min. Route between the rivers Leza and Manzanares, the latter a tributary of the Cidacos river.

3rd Stage: Munilla-Enciso: 6.5 Km. and 1.47 min. This is a short stage following the bridle paths linking the two main towns of the upper Cidacos: Munilla and Enciso.

4th Stage: Enciso-Cornago. 22.3 Km. stage taking 6 h.03 min. It links the towns of Enciso and Cornago via the hamlets of El Villar, Poyales, Navalsaz, Ambasaguas and Valdeperillo.