Prepare to the Ichnite Site

Prepare to the Ichnite Site
Tourism Competitiveness Plan for the Biosphere Reserve of La Rioja: “The Man-Made Landscape”

The ichnites (dinosaur tracks) are undoubtedly one of the most appealing tourist attractions in La Rioja for many of its visitors. The fact that tourists are able to enjoy a pleasant hike while viewing these sites, soaking in their interpretation and following safe access points is something that the Tourism Competitiveness Plan stresses.

  • To raise awareness of the “La Canal” site
  • To improve the potential of the ichnite sites as a tourist attraction
  • To invest in tourist safety
Prepare to the Ichnite Site
San Vicente de Robres
huella Yacimiento: “La Canal” en Munillla
Yacimiento: “La Canal” en Munillla
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